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Group Insurance Plans for Peterborough and Ontario

D. Robertson Financial Insurance Services Inc. can provide a group benefits program to suit your Ontario-based company. Group insurance can be tailored for three or more employees. A flexible and innovative benefits plan, group insurance features healthcare, dental care, and disability. There are also convenient online services and options to fit specific needs of your organization no matter what the size. The group plan market is rapidly growing, as more and more companies are finding that having a quality group plan provides several benefits:

 Protect Your Business

Group disability and health and dental benefits ensure your investment is protected in case an employee becomes sick or injured.

 Maintain Productivity

Your employees face many common challenges created by the competing priorities of work and life. An Employee Assistance Program or a Best Doctors Program can provide outside resources, tools and support they need— and helping employees stay focused at work.

 Attract and Retain Key Talent

A well-designed group benefits package can help to make your business more competitive, recruit top talent, retain employees and boost employee satisfaction and maintain productivity.

✓ Provide Tax-Efficient Compensation

Without a benefits plan, employees must pay for day-to-day health, dental and prescription drug expenses with after-tax income. Employee benefit plans can be designed to cover these expenses using before-tax income—leaving more money in your employees’ pockets.

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