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Insurance for Critical Illnesses in Peterborough
and Ontario

Thanks to improvements in medical science and healthier lifestyles, Canadians, on average, are living longer these days. Treatments and even cures are more readily available for critical illnesses. However, while living with a critical illness you may be faced with financial challenges. Loss of income or extra medical expenses are just a few of the financial issues you might not have planned for. D. Robertson Financial Services Inc. provides critical illness insurance that can provide you and your family a wide range of coverage that can supplement your life insurance policy.

72% of males and 77% of females who develop cancer will survive
Over 80% of heart attack patients admitted to hospital survive
95% of first time heart attack victims survive the first attack
75% of stroke victims survive the initial event

Approximately 250,000 Canadians each year will suffer from heart attack, stroke or cancer. How many of your family members will be affected and/or already have?

Nobody ever plans to get sick, but we firmly believe that you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Proper preparation can help alleviate the burden that a critical illness can put on yourself, your family, and your business and financial interests.

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